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Employer Branding

Employer Branding is indispensable in recruitment. Translate your values as an employer and attract top talent. eSence guides in optimal online and offline Employer Branding.

Employer branding

Employer branding

Team vergadering

1. Image and values
The image of your company is important to attract employees and customers. By paying attention to Employer Branding, you can manage the image of your company as an employer.

2. Employer name recognition
By working on your employer's name recognition, potential candidates will be quicker or more likely to respond if you highlight opportunities. Companies that are recognized as an interesting employer will more easily attract top talent, they are "top-of-mind".

3. Social media
By betting on Social Media you lead more visitors and therefore more potential talent to your website. Candidates who follow companies on Social Media are more likely to respond to opportunities or recommend them within their own network. By creating "followers" on Social Media, you steadily increase the reach.

Employer Branding for your business

Vision and strategy

Employer Branding is part of your marketing strategy. Based on your company’s vision, you work out your Employer Branding strategy, investigating the following:

  • Who do we want to approach and attract?

  • Where can we find them?

  • How are we going to set this up?

  • What fits within our culture and approach?

  • What are we going to invest in? What are our priorities? ROI measurement

Know your EVP

EVP stands for "Employer Value Proposition". To attract top talent you need a strong and authentic story, what makes you attractive as an employer? Correct remuneration is crucial, but what does your organization has to offer, in terms of content, that distinguishes you from the competition, is what matters to attract the best talent, so that you can better measure and qualify on the market. Know your EVP, be transparent and attract top talent.

Digital visualization

Now that you know the story you want to tell, you are going to determine the channels. Social Media plays an important role in optimizing your Employer Branding, but also your own website is crucial, make sure it is always up-to-date and clearly reflects your values!


If it comes to Employer Branding, it takes the whole organization to support, online and offline, provided that the EVP is clearly known. Your organization’s Management indicates the value of networking and leads by example. Offline Employer Branding channels can be business events, job events, but also private events can be suitable.

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