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Growing as an organization often means attracting new talent. eSence commits to assisting companies in their talent needs. We look at the deeper layers within recruitment and focus on a new approach and digital strategies.

Growing as an organization often means attracting new talent. eSence commits to assisting companies in their talent needs, helping in keeping up with business goals. Everything starts with the analysis and thorough intake, with which we challenge you to discover your real needs. An answer to recruitment needs can be a Direct & Executive search assignment, but depending on the character of the request, an RPO can be the best solution, also deploying HR Consultants ad interim or perhaps shedding light on your current recruitment processes and strategy can bring relief.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Ina over the past year in the pioneering phase of building joint recruitment capability for our ICT ecosystem. Her expertise, passion and collaborative mindset have enabled us to build targeted solutions and unite our recruitment community around key initiatives. Thank you for your contribution and the great teamwork Ina!

Bart Aegden - HR Manager Proximus

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Direct and Executive Search

With experience in the higher segment of the IT market, Management up to C-level

Recruitment Project Outsourcing

RPO - Talent Acquisition Support

Talent Acquisition ad Interim

To support your temporary recruitment needs

Recruitment Performance Optimisation

Optimization of recruitment strategies and processes

Employer branding

Team vergadering

1. Image and values
The image of your company is important to attract employees and customers. By paying attention to Employer Branding, you can manage the image of your company as an employer.

2. Employer name recognition
By working on your employer's name recognition, potential candidates will be quicker or more likely to respond if you highlight opportunities. Companies that are recognized as an interesting employer will more easily attract top talent, they are "top-of-mind".

3. Social media
By betting on Social Media you lead more visitors and therefore more potential talent to your website. Candidates who follow companies on Social Media are more likely to respond to opportunities or recommend them within their own network. By creating "followers" on Social Media, you steadily increase the reach.

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